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Endo Motor      Endo Motor

Item Code:Endo Motor Features:
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●Adjustable Speed
22 settings for adjustable rotational speed ranging from 125 to 625rpm. Drive-1:1 contral angle is available!
●Adjustable Torque
●The torque exceeds the regulated value, the file will reverse to avoid the break-off.
● Saving function--Nine group of program data can be saved!
● Easy operating with LCD screen-what you see, what you get.
● Build-in rechargeable battery, Specifically designed for patient comfort.
● Start the rotation of the Ni-Ti flies with foot control pedal.
● Fully guaranteed for one year
●Reverse automatically or by manual are availble!
1.Voltage: DC8.4V 2.Current: <500mA
3. Power: 5w
4. Torque: 0-22mn*m
5. Display: reflecting LCD screen
6. Battery: chargeable Li-on battery 3.7v×2 7 .Speed: 100-625 rpm
Standard accessory include:
main unit 1 pc, foot pedal 1 pc
handpiece 1 pc, testing cord 1pc
adapter 1 pc (European or American type)
user's manual 1pc
Standard accessory does not include contra angle!
All type of contra angle with drive 1: 1 can be available!
Contra angle 1:1 can be provided (if request)

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